Equipment for DEFROSTING and WASHING fish blocks and other raw materials. Defroster.

Most of the canned fish are made not only from chilled or fresh fish, but also use ice cream. The exception is only natural products, which are made from whitefish or salmon. In view of the use of raw material ice cream, when it enters production, the fish must be defrosted (thawed). From the correctness of this process depends the quality of the finished canning products.

Defroster, Defrosting equipment


The defrosting process is constantly monitored by temperature sensors in the body, on the surface of the product, as well as in the chamber. The process of defrosting is terminated automatically upon reaching a predetermined temperature in the body.

defrosting equipment chamber

Equipped with logic control, defrosting and freezing chambers, using air currents, heat and refrigeration equipment, allow the frozen meat, fish and other food products to be thawed and frozen in an optimal and highly economical mode.

Defrosting chambers

The goal of defrosting frozen food products is to heat them to give properties close to those of unfrozen foods. The most common method of defrosting is the heat treatment of frozen foods in the air. With all methods of heat treatment of frozen food in the air, an increased air humidity is created within 85 … 95% (conditions of the steam-air medium).

defrosting equipment

The machine is designed for defrosting frozen fish blocks.
The water temperature during defrosting is + 7 ° C, the time of defrostation is up to one hour.

machine defrosting fish

Thanks to the principle of convection, the water temperature is kept the same throughout the entire defroster, which ensures uniform defrosting of the raw material.
The simplicity of the design ensures high reliability in operation.

defrosting fish equipment

Due to the use of the principle of convection and constant air supply to the inside of the bathroom for defrosting, the water temperature is maintained at the same level throughout the defroster, which ensures uniform defrosting of the raw material.

water defroster fish

Any type of semi-finished products such as gutted fish, fillets or slices can be loaded, they can be automatically washed in 6 stages using jets that are installed in the top and bottom of the conveyor.

washing eqipment fish

The machine is designed for washing baking trays and containers of various sizes, in continuous mode.
The machine perfectly removes fat deposits and disinfects containers by consecutive use of water with detergent and clean, at a temperature of 70⁰-80⁰С.

container washing equipment.

The machine is designed for washing baking trays and containers of various sizes, in continuous mode.
The machine is compact, as the process of washing, rinsing and drying occurs in the same housing.

Machine cleaning containers.

What is the equipment for defrosting fish?defrosting fish DEFROSTING

Fish raw materials can be defrosted:

  • On air;
  • In water or saline solution;
  • In the ice.

he first and last method is practically not used in the manufacture of canned food, because the defrosting procedure is characterized by its duration, laboriousness, and also the need for huge production areas. That’s why we need a machine to thaw the fish.

Defrosting process

Defrosting is a rather complex physical as well as chemical process. In this case, ice crystals are not simply melted, and fish tissues absorb the moisture obtained, but denaturation of all protein substances that are in meat is carried out. This happens when the temperature of carcasses is 5-1 degrees below zero. Denaturation is also a substitute at such temperatures during freezing. That is why it is so important that fish raw materials are defrosted as quickly as possible, passing an unfavorable zone in the shortest possible time. This will help make the fish defrost chamber.

The defrosting equipment allows defrosting fish blocks. At the same time, less than one hour is spent on defrosting. Using the basic convection principles in the design allows maintaining the same temperature of the liquid throughout the defroster, ensuring the most uniform defrosting of the raw material.



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