In December 2021, our company held a series of negotiations with the largest engineering plant in China. And the signed agreement allowed us to update our line of horizontal slicers for sushi, poultry, meat and other seafood (squid, cuttlefish and others). The slicer can cut any food products into thin slices from 3 mm to 10 mm thick. Productivity up to 500 kg per hour – model with 160 mm belt and up to 1000 kg model with 2 160 mm belts. The belt speed is adjustable from 3 to 15 meters per minute.
Productivity – up to 60 portions (pieces, pieces) per minute.

Here’s a more detailed description of this slicer.

cutting sashimi tuna slicing, salmon for sushi

Here’s a video of a similar slicer (wider tape) in action