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Defroster is a device designed to defrost frozen foods. Mechanized defrosters with mechanized loading and unloading of the product and moving it in the process of defrosting from the place of loading to the place of discharge. As a rule, mechanized defrosters relate to devices of continuous action, non-mechanized – to devices of periodic action.

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Equipped with logic control, defrosting and freezing chambers, using air currents, heat and refrigeration equipment.

Defrosting chambers

The defrosting process is constantly monitored by temperature sensors in the body, on the surface of the product, as well as in the chamber.

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The goal of defrosting frozen food products is to heat them to give properties close to those of unfrozen foods.

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The machine is designed for defrosting frozen fish blocks.
The water temperature during defrosting is + 7 ° C, the time of defrostation is up to one hour.

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Thanks to the principle of convection, the water temperature is kept the same throughout the entire defroster, which ensures uniform defrosting of the raw material.
The simplicity of the design ensures high reliability in operation.

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Due to the use of the principle of convection and constant air supply to the inside of the bathroom for defrosting, the water temperature is maintained at the same level throughout the defroster, which ensures uniform defrosting of the raw material.

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Defrosting meat
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Mechanized defrosters fit well into mechanized and complex-mechanized lines for the preparation of semi-finished products, preserves, culinary products. Non-mechanized defrosters include all kinds of baths, chambers, tunnels, as well as production facilities, dedicated and specially equipped to defrost food raw materials.


Mechanized defrosters equipped with a device for moving raw materials can be tape and cassette. The difference lies in the fact that in defrosters with a tape device for moving blocks of raw materials are fed freely oriented in the plane of the tape and the load can be almost completely mechanized. When a cassette device to move the blocks must be fed into the cassette individually.

Defrosting (from de … and English. Frost – frost) – the process of defrosting (thawing) food products before consuming or making new products from them. Usually, frozen food is stored at temperatures: frozen food – −18 ° С, deep frozen food – −26… –36 ° С.

The methods and modes of defrosting depend on the type of food and its use. For example, frozen meat is thawed in chambers with high relative air humidity, and fish is thawed in baths with water or brine at a temperature of 15 … 20 ° C or in installations with continuous circulation of liquid. A method for defrosting high-frequency currents by heating food has been developed.

Defrosting chambers

RZPO defrosting chambers are designed to defrost frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry before their subsequent processing.

RZPO manufactures cameras, containers and cabinets of various sizes for defrosting packaged and unpackaged meat, poultry, fish, etc., with a capacity from 0.3 to 18 tons. It is also possible to supply a set of equipment, logic and software for installation in your room.

Meat in blocks is defrosted either on racks without packaging (or in film), or directly in boxes on a pallet; plastic grids are laid between the layers of the boxes. It is obligatory to supplement with an air humidifier when working with a product – this speeds up the process. Meat in half carcasses defrosted on a hanging path, strictly with a humidity control system.
Poultry meat can be brought to a temperature of –3 ° C directly in the box, and at a given temperature above –3 ° C it is better to do this in lattice plastic boxes or on racks or carts of equal height.
Optimum defrosting of fish occurs in a plastic film without cardboard, but defrosting of an open product is allowed. The problem of drying the surface is solved by the moisture control system of increased productivity.

Features and advantages of defroster RZPO

The constructive solution of these chambers is similar to the constructive solution of chambers for ripening.
The defrosting process occurs according to the program, which regulates the temperature, the amount of circulating air and its humidity.
The defrosting process occurs according to the program so that the raw materials do not deteriorate due to the difference in temperature on the surface and in the core of the raw material.
The defrosting process minimizes the microbiological contamination of the raw materials.
The microprocessor control system provides the optimal course of temperatures in the chamber, depending on the temperature in the core, the speed and direction of the circulating air using high humidity in the chamber.


We design and manufacture automatic defrosting lines for raw materials that take advantage of robotics. The lines use high-end microwave and airborne streaming technologies combined with automatic conveyors and robots.

If you need to buy a defroster, use our international development and know-how to successfully grow your business.

We guarantee you minimal losses during defrosting.

The company RZPO under the trademark RZPO produces equipment for the controlled change in temperature of food products in container and chamber design. The group includes chambers and containers for defrosting food raw materials, container freezers and chambers of controlled final frosting.

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Defrostation chambers and RZPO containers with a capacity from 300 kg to 15 tons for defrosting packaged and unpackaged meat, poultry, fish, oil, vegetables and any other products. RZPO defroster uses a patented method of airborne defrosting in a wind tunnel with logical process control and temperature control, which allows creating optimal conditions for heat removal without preventing overheating or drying of the product surface. Meat in blocks is defrosted on racks or in boxes on a pallet, and plastic grids are laid between the layers of the boxes. Meat in half carcasses defrosted on a hanging path. Poultry meat can be brought to a temperature of –3 ° C directly in the box, and at a given temperature above –3 ° C it is better to do this in perforated plastic boxes or on shelves or carts of equal height. The optimal defrosting of fish occurs in a plastic film without cardboard or without any packaging on the shelves of a rack or trolley. Oil in briquettes is defrosted on shelves of racks or carts. The defrosting of frozen vegetables is made in perforated plastic boxes.

The container design makes it possible to effectively use the RZPO freezers for freezing meat, poultry, fish, berries in close proximity to the place of their harvesting, and also to quickly relocate the equipment to a new location.

Chambers (cabinets) of the RZPO frostbite are designed for efficient and controlled portion frosting of ready-made foodstuffs before slicing to reduce cutting losses and improve the appearance of packaged products. The time of the frostbite is designed for evenly loading the cutting and packing shop, which allows saving on the area of refrigerators in real production conditions.

On request, RZPO can also perform combined cameras and containers, which allow it to perform several functions simultaneously in one set. For example defrosting and frostbite.

RZPO chambers and containers are made of an ST sandwich element. This is a unique wall material designed for the food industry. Extruded polystyrene of a closed cellular structure and the surface of reinforced plastic are glued together in vacuum, which provides the material with high strength (the equipment is suspended directly to the ceiling without mortgages), exceptional durability, high hygiene and the complete absence of cavities inside the material – moisture condensation occurs exclusively on external surfaces, and This is a guarantee of the preservation of the thermal conductivity coefficient and the absence of internal sources of bacterial contamination.

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But what the press writes about our defrosting technologies. Let’s just tell journalists some superficiality of the presentation:

“… In principle, everyone somehow dealing with cooking, is familiar with the process of defrosting food, but the usual housewife, more often, does not even know the term” defrosting. “In everyday life, such ignorance basically does not change anything: when we are going to cook a meat dish for lunch or dinner, we start cooking from the very first stage of this seemingly simple technological task – defrosting meat from the refrigerator!
At home, there are several very affordable options for defrosting. The easiest way to defrost is to take the frozen product out of the refrigerator and leave it on the table, and then, naturally, wait for the process to end. And it’s not a little to wait, but a few hours, and you should not forget to follow the product, for example, so that cats do not sneak. It is also desirable that during the period of the so-called natural defrosting the air in the apartment was not higher than 20 degrees. Of course, at this temperature, frozen meat on the table will have to be quite long.
In recent years, as a simple defroster (apparatus for defrosting products) for housewives began to serve as a microwave oven. With this method of defrosting products can be thawed in the package, for example, polyethylene.

However, these and other methods of defrosting meat, oil and vegetables are suitable only for the household, when everything can be easily done manually.
But it is quite another thing when we deal with thousands of tons of frozen meat, when weight loss during defrosting, even by a few percent, leads to million losses. But in this large-scale case there is a way out.
It is for the industrial processing of meat and other frozen products that a complex technological operation is necessary – defrosting – which allows reducing the loss of raw materials.
Many, if not all, leading Russian suppliers and processors of frozen products are familiar with the equipment of RZPO, which is the most advanced among others in solving the problem of creating high-performance, defrosting (defrosting) food products that meet Russian conditions.
The defrosters of this company use the method of airborne defrosting in the wind tunnel. This combination allows you to control the entire process of defrosting, preventing the product from overheating or drying out.

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It is important to note that the use of such a method in the RZPO defroster solves the most important problem of defrosting any product, be it meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, namely, the defrosting speed with minimal losses.
Airborne defrosting significantly reduces defrosting time, which contributes to the preservation of all the beneficial properties of the original product. For example, meat with this method of defrosting retains its natural color, the loss of juice is so insignificant that, in principle, it is possible and not to take into account, bacterial contamination is minimal. As they say, the effect is obvious.

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By the way, RZPO produces not only the supply of defrosters and other various equipment for defrosting frozen products, but also the training of service personnel.

Defrosting cabinets are designed to solve the problems of hygienic defrosting with a minimum of losses in the conditions of small industries, large kitchens, restaurants and supermarkets. The use of this equipment in large networks in Scandinavia, as well as in Russia, allows significant savings in raw material losses.

Defrosting cabinets is one of the few types of equipment that does not require complicated installation, is installed simply on the floor, and at the same time provides the user with the full range of possibilities of the patented RZPO defrosting technology.



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