Welcome to RZPO, we have over 20 years of experience of manufacturing equipment for: food, meat, fish and vegetable processing.
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Processing Equipment

Fish Processing

We provide custom tailored processing solutions for all industry segments in the fish processing industry including: Farmed Fish, White Fish, Salmon and Shell fish.

Meat Processing

We are specialist in planing factories to process food. Our system s and machine bring you better results and yield.

Food Equipment

We manufacture and supply equipment for: meat, fish, cheese and vegetable processing.

All Equipment

RZPO have over 15 years of experience of manufacturing equipment for: meat, fish, cheese and vegetable processing.

RZPO was established in 2005 and produces equipment for the processing of meat, fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables, poultry meat at the most modern level in close cooperation with the most authoritative manufacturers of Japan, South Korea and Germany, as well as the company's own technology.

Our company is not only one of the leading manufacturers in CIS region in the field of machinery, but also represents a world-class company through the export of our products to South Korea, the EU countries, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Iceland, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and some other countries.

Recently, marketing and trends in consumption of seafood and meat products have changed significantly, and now there has been a sharp increase in demand for restaurant business related to seafood, meat and food products. In order to meet the current needs of the meat, fish, poultry processing enterprise, it is necessary to create an automated system on processing lines with a reliable system in order for our company to start a mass production process that has been carefully considered from a sanitary and hygienic point of view, and also cut costs.

fish processing equipment
meat processing equipment
vegetables processing equipment
poultry processing equipment

RZPO Machinery sells various fish, poultry, meat processing equipment to many companies specializing in restaurant business and large grocery stores. Our company provides all our valued customers with all information regarding a mechanized and automated system on the production lines, including new samples of this product. In addition, our company provides the newly formed companies and the refineries that are being refitted with good opportunities to install the machinery required in accordance with the HACCP Rules (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), thanks to free consulting services.

Finally, our company is doing everything possible to provide the highest quality products in terms of health, safety, price and high performance.

We guarantee you the best equipment and the highest level of service.

defrosters, defrosting fish

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