Meat processing and equipment

Butchers, supermarkets, and meat-packing companies need meat-processing equipment. This machinery ensures the safe and efficient production of meat products at the highest standards. Businesses can boost output, cut waste, and raise profitability with the appropriate equipment.

Purchasing meat equipment

The size of the company and the particular requirements of the operation should be taken into account when selecting meat processing equipment. Slicers, grinders, and mincers may be necessary for smaller firms, although larger organizations may need more sophisticated and specialized equipment. Additionally, the sort of meat being processed must be taken into account because different meats require different kinds of machinery. It is crucial to take into account the operation’s safety considerations after determining the size and scope of the equipment. To make sure that it is up to code and operating properly, meat processing equipment needs to undergo routine inspections.
This involves checking that all edges and surfaces are clean, sharp and in good working order, and that all components are working properly. Also, it is extremely important to ensure that they used correctly the tools and that we follow all safety protocols. It is important to do market research on various manufacturers and suppliers before purchasing meat equipment. This ensures that you purchase the right equipment and meet all basic safety requirements. To ensure that any issues that may arise can be effectively addressed and dealt with, it is also extremely important to review the provider’s warranty and return policies.

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17.12.2021 / Slicer for horizontal slicing of sushi, sashimi and other products

In December 2021, our company held a series of negotiations with the largest engineering plant in China. And the signed agreement allowed us to update our line of horizontal slicers for sushi, poultry, meat and other seafood (squid, cuttlefish and others). The slicer can cut any food products into thin slices from 3 mm to 10 mm thick. Productivity up to 500 kg per hour – model with 160 mm belt and up to 1000 kg model with 2 160 mm belts. The belt speed is adjustable from 3 to 15 meters per minute.
Productivity – up to 60 portions (pieces, pieces) per minute.

Here’s a more detailed description of this slicer.

cutting sashimi tuna slicing, salmon for sushi

Here’s a video of a similar slicer (wider tape) in action

23.03.2020 / A new defroster for meat raw materials was launched at a meat processing plant in the city of Belgorod.

The defrosting chamber with a productivity of up to 5 tons of frozen meat per cycle has been fully operational.
Defroster airborne is equipped with the latest monitoring system based on the MP-1000 automatic controller, a GSM system with SMS alert about an accident, a remote access system with the ability to output data to a personal computer and archive meat defrosting data on a female disk.
The first defrosting of cattle meat was made in 8 hours.
The owner and technologist are satisfied with the quality of thawed meat products.

Defroster airborneDefroster airborneDefroster airborne

22.01.20 / And the fish yield on the skinning machine is simply amazing !!!

We often hear the words from customers: excellent, cool, great, good, normal. But the chief engineer of this fish processing plant in the Moscow region said just such a phrase:

The fish yield on your skinning machine is simply amazing !!!

Today we drove by with a new engineer and stopped by to get to know and show the newcomer the settings of the automatic skinning machine SMF 770. The main fish species for skinning: cod, pollock, haddock, sea bass and many others. The machine is in operation for 1 year. For all the time, only 1 knife was changed. Skinning works at least 9 hours a day.
And the phrase a terrific exit refers to all the equipment we supply: smokers, Drying equipment, defrosters, filleting equipment, injectors, Grinding and Skinning Equipment, slicers and much more.
Contact your staff to exclaim this when we come to visit.