Automatic Filleting Machine

Continual Heading and Filleting Machine

Automatic machine for removal of abdominal bones and filleting FFM-901 (small size).

  • The machine is designed to open the abdominal cavity and remove the insides, spinal bone (and abdominal bones – optional).
  • The greatest economic effect is provided in conjunction with the head-cutting machine CHSHC-1.
  • Has high productivity, which allows it to be integrated into automatic fish-cutting lines.

Continual Heading

Characteristics of Belly Opening Machine.

Power characteristics

Dimensions, mm: length x width x height; Weight, kg

Productivity, fish / min.

Processed fish species

3 phases, 380 V, 1.5 kW

700L x 1500W x 900H (380kg)

100 ~ 120

Sardine, pike-shaped mackerel, horse mackerel, etc.

Video of the Automatic Filleting processing line:

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Fish fillet machine and Continual Heading FFM-901