At each modern fish processing enterprise there must be a filleting machine for fish. This device allows you to get fillets from defrosted or fresh raw materials. Improvement of fillet production technologies is one of the main directions of development in the field of fish processing. Thanks to the production of fillets, your company can significantly expand the range of manufactured products.

Filleting cutting machines


Quality and output of the fillet after processing. The machine CHSF-1 favorably differs from all competitors by its design. These are 2 pairs of circular knives of large diameter. The fish is placed back down, and the first pair of knives cuts the meat to the center bone.

filleting machine CHSF-1

The machine is designed for cutting fresh or semi-defrosted raw.The machine opens the abdominal cavity and cuts the central spine bone, leaving the costal bones.

Filleting machine for salmon CHCC-320

The machine is designed to cut off the head in a different kind of fish.
The machine is mobile and easily integrated into the processing lines of fish processing.

Head Cutter, Deheading, Gutting Machine

The machine is designed for cutting fresh or semi-defrosted raw fish.
The productivity of the machine does not depend on the qualification of the operator and allows to obtain a product of consistently high quality at the output.

Filleting machine of medium size

The machine is designed to open the abdominal cavity and remove the spinal and abdominal bones.
Weight of processed fish from 0.3 to 2 kg.

Breastbone Removing, Fish filleting

Machine for removal of the central bone with the opening of the abdomen.
The machine is designed to open the abdominal cavity and remove the spinal bone.

Center fish Bone Removing

The machine is designed to open the abdominal cavity and remove the insides, spinal bone (and abdominal bones — optional).

Continual Heading and Filleting Machine

What machine for cutting fish can do?

Filleting fish

In the production of fillets, filleting machines for fish are carried out:

Cutting edges, as well as spine bones, while removing the black film;
Separation of the loin from the spine of pre-decapitated carcasses.
Among the latter include cod, trout, all kinds of partial fish, haddock and others. Black film is found in herring and some other species.

Changing the distance that remains between the knives, some models allow processing fish of different lengths. Due to the absence of the need to previously remove the insides or the head, the units differ in their efficiency and automation, however, after that the products need to be modified with the help of other techniques.

Filleting machine for fish

Different models of equipment differ in performance and size, which affects the price of filleting machines for fish. They can be integrated into a specialized technological scheme, combining with other equipment – conveyors and conveyors.

The price of a filleting machine for fish

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