Food processing equipment helps to convert raw food ingredients into food through different physical and chemical means. Equipment available for the food industry in a variety of categories, including dryers, refrigerators, fryers, feeders, mixers, grinding machines, toasters, blenders, separators and oven-cutting machines.

Equipment for the preparation of food productsfood industry

Equipment for the preparation of food products used in various industries, including the dairy industry, industrial bakery, poultry farm, fish and shellfish, the production of chocolate, confectionery, beverages, milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables and the industry. Stainless steel is one of the main elements widely used in the food industry. 304SS and 316SS are the two most common types of stainless steel alloys used in Food processing equipment.

Most of the Food processing equipment has similar needs for automation and motion control, which include transport and positioning of materials, heating, blanching, cooking, pasteurization, sterilization, evaporation, freezing, thawing and drying Such equipment also requires gentle treatment, purity and precise control of temperature, pressure, treatment time and other process parameters. Food processing equipment is often integrated with high-speed equipment for packaging and labeling in a variety of industries, such as meat and dairy industry.

Availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles, the need to offer a greater variety of foods at a lower cost, and innovation in technology – this is one of the key factors that helps stimulate market growth. Food processing equipment worldwide. Among the various Food processing equipment, the bakery and pasta market is growing faster. The increase of individual potential income levels to an increase in investment in Food processing equipment. A higher base population in the Asia-Pacific region and frequent changes in food preferences among people leads to an increased demand for food products. This changing trend leads to greater investment in Food processing equipment. Thanks to advances in technology related to cutting, cutting and milling Food processing equipment, many manufacturers in the food industry replace their old cars with new ones that are more efficient and increase their profits due to higher performance.

Asia-Pacific region for Food processing equipment

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest growing markets for Food processing equipment. Market due to increased demand for processed foods in developing and emerging countries, such as India, China, Indonesia and Thailand. In the Asia-Pacific region, China is the largest equipment market for the food industry. According to the Italian Trade Commission, the global market size of the Indian food industry is expected to reach about 330.0 mln. Of dollars. United States for 2014. In the North America region, EE. UU It has the largest equipment market for the food industry. The growing awareness of new foods, a growing economy, investment in research and development in the field of food processing equipment is one of the main reasons that cause food market in the European region. It is expected that in the 2014-2020 forecast period. The global market for Food processing equipment is expected to grow with unique growth.

Some of the leading companies operating in the global equipment market for the food industry, – Anko Food Machine Company Limited, Pacific Atlas Engineering Company Incorporated, Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated, Increditor Bettcher Industries, Bibun Engineering, BMA Group, Bongard, Briggs, of Burton plc, Bucher Industries AG, GEA Group AG, Hosokawa Micron Corporation, JBT Food Tech, Marel hf, MECATHERM SA, Meyer Industries Incorporated, Nichimo Company Limited, Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud Baader, Odenberg Engineering, Satake Corporation, Sinmag Bakery Machine Corporation, Wenger Manufacturing Company and the Ziemann International GmbH.