Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smoking (PREMIUM package)

Automatic Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smokingWe presenting you modern automatic cameras (ASC PREMIUM package) equipped with equipment and components from leading manufacturers.


  • KNOW-HOW (improvement) of the air duct in the area of the circulation fan area is allowed to increase the efficiency of the impeller by 20% (the speed of smoke-air mixture at the nozzles 30 m/s). Reducing the time of all the processes in comparison with European chambers. As a consequence of the reduction of heat loss by at least 1-2% even against similar imported analogues.
  • Due to the modernization of the smoldering smoke generator camera, we have improved the smoke-drying properties of the resulting smoke: increased its coloring and aromatic properties. Also it is made possible to significantly increase the density of the resulting smoke and eliminate the likelihood of fire chip. There is no fire in our smoke generators. We Guaranteed.


Overall performance of all cameras of the PREMIUM package execution: Made of stainless steel AISI 304, automatic control panel МР 1000. The automatic smoke generator DGSCH-100A steel 304. Included exhaust fan with frequency control. The motors drive of the impeller are controlled by a frequency converter. Soft-start and multiple speeds on all electric motors.

Execution of cameras: electric, steam or gas heating


Typical performance of the equipment
1.1Smoke-cooking heat chamber ASC-1 PREMIUM electric capacity of 1 Euroframe
2.1Smoke-cooking heat chamber ASC-2 PREMIUM electric capacity of 2 Euroframe
3.1Smoke-cooking heat chamber ASC-3 PREMIUM electric capacity of 3 Euroframe
4.1Smoke-cooking heat chamber ASC-4 PREMIUM electric capacity of 4 Euroframe


Additional options:

Name of the equipment
1The control panel Mikster iMAX 1000. Touchpad. Graphics, visualization.
2Automatic washing with a pumping station
3Fully collapsible option. Price per 1 Euroframe. Allows you to bring in smoking chambers through the normal doorways and make the assembly of stainless steel panels in place



1.1-4.1 Universal smoke-cooking plant ASC 1-4 GK and HK PREMIUM package.


Universal smoke-cooking plant ASC 1-4 GK and HK are designed for cold and hot smoking, drying, cooking, roasting, hot air roasting food etc.. Range of use – the production of meat products, fish products and other food products, technology that include any combination of heat treatment, drying and smoking.

Main technological and structural indicators

  • production on the basis of components from the world’s leading companies of Germany, France, Italy, Poland
  • technological support at all stages of the work
  • limit reduction cycles of the product heat treatment.
  • uniform exposure of heat treatment parameters (temperature, humidity, smoke, aerodynamic loading) at all points of the product loaded in the heat chamber
  • full automation of all technological processes
  • minimization of energy consumption
  • adaptation to day-and-night service
  • ease of equipment maintenance
  • reliability of all components and automation
  • minimization of heat losses during heat treatment of the product.


Benchmark heat losses in cold baked pork in our smoking chambers – about 6-7%. The standard figure for many manufacturers – 10-12% of heat loss during smoking. On average, a 2-frame chamber is placed 400 kg of cold baked pork. Time of smoking up to 3.5 hours. During the day up to 6 smoking cy-cles. We will take a “bad” number. The difference between 10% (in any import chambers) and 7% in our smoking chamber. This is 3% more in one cycle of additional products. In addition to excellent appear-ance, we obtain extra 12 kg of additional products from each smoking. During the day 12х6=72 kg of de-licious cold baked pork. On 12/15/2014 year, the wholesale price of cold baked pork was 4,9 US Dollars. Thus for 72х4,9 =352,8 US Dollars per day YOU GET MORE while using our smoking chamber. Per one year that figure will be 88.200 US Dollars (we took only 250 working days). And it is only by reducing of heat loss. + Economic effect by reducing the smoking time.

Delivery package

#Equipment, materials, documentation:Amount
1The universal heat chamber for 1-4 Euroframe, consisting of:1 set.
1.01The universal heat chamber 1-4 EuroframeASC-GK or HK1 pc.
1.02Cassette-type smoke generatorDG1 pc.
1.03The system of individual ventilation, full set1 set.
1.04The control cabinetSHU1 pc.
1.05Integrated cleaning system for connection to a foam generator1 set.
1.06Foam generator1 set.
1.07Sausage frame with the hangs (optional)
1.08Spare parts and components1 set.
1.09Cleaning fluid (concentrate)30 L.
1.10Technological wood chips (alder)200 kg
1.11The passport of the product and the operating instructions (full set)1 set.


The LOADING rates of MEAT PRODUCTION (some varieties of sausages) and the time of smoking on the automatic smoking chambers

ProductFrame loadingHeat processing cycle
Cooked sausage, impenetrable cover, ø65 mm33090
Cooked sausage, impenetrable cover, ø80 mm380110
Cooked sausage, impenetrable cover, ø100 mm400150
Cooked sausage, bung cover180300
Small sausage, belly cover, ø32-34 mm14575
Sausages, penetrable cover, ø22-24 mm12560
Sausages, impenetrable cover, ø22-24 mm20045
Smoked and cooked sausage, penetrable cover, ø45-55 mm

Secondary smoking



Smoked and cooked sausage, belly cover, ø38-42 mm

Secondary smoking



Meat delicacies
Pork neck200240
Pork ham200240
Sirloin beef180240
Half carcass180120
Quarter carcass200100
Chicken leg20090



Smoke generator DGSCH-100A

  • designed to produce smoke-air mixture and feeding it into the chamber in the process of smoked products in automatic mode
  • closed type 430 stainless steel
  • to use chips from non-resinous types of wood and their mixtures
  • moisture of wood chips is not limited (natural)
  • recommended fraction of wood chips is 4-20 mm (extended range)
  • filling of the chamber with smoke to a working concentration of 2-3 min
  • automatic feeding wood chips with adjustable dosage
  • automatic electric ignition of the wood chips
  • automatic attenuation of smoldering wood chips
  • air flow into the zone of “smoldering” through the closing valve and fine adjustment of the device for metered flow:
– Stabilization of the smoke formation
– The maximum reduction in the likelihood of fire chip
  • Automatic air control valve (stroke is adjustable and fixed) in the area of “smoke intake” smoke generator:
– Adjusts the density of smoke
– Reduction of the smoke temperature at the outlet of the smoke generator to 40 ° C
– Reducing the gumming in the area of “smoke intake”
  • resin separation unit with the withdrawal of the resin concentrate via a water seal
  • automatic smoke temperature control at output of the smoke generator with the display of parameters on the processor’s display, wherein:
– Alarm exceeding of the specified smoke temperature
– Automatic extinguishing of wood chips in smoke generator when exceeding a predetermined temperature of the smoke
    • integrated nozzle for washing in the area of “smoke intake” and resin separation unit
    • sliding valve cut-off wood chips before to sanitation of smoke generator

  • approximate consumption of wood chips in the mode of active smoking – 3 kg/h


The photo on the right shows the degree of combustion of wood chips. Efficiency – 100%

Versions and sizes of smoking dimensions

The control panel iMAX 500

  • Provides comprehensive, automatic control and regulation of the heat chamber on individual technology programs.
  • The parameters are constantly shown on the display:
– the temperature inside the chamber
– the temperature inside the product
– relative air humidity in the chamber
– working out time of technological steps (elapsed time)
  • The control panel is connected to a personal computer via the MRS program to control all the processes of the camera and the ability to print charts.

The built-in washing system with the foam generator or foam station

  • 4 groups of built-in nozzles to supply the cleaning solution (washing, fan assemblies, valve, chimneys, air ducts and smoke generator)
  • switching each group of nozzles for supplying washing liquid
  • switching each group of nozzles for supplying water when washing the chamber after dissolution of the resin in the foam composition
  • application of foam when washing open inner surfaces of the internal chamber with the spray of foam generator
  • partial lock of open door when draining water after washing out of the chamber


Technical characteristics of the automatic smoke chambers ASC 1-6

Installation type ASC-GC or HC123456
Number of frames 1х1х2 m., pcs.123456
Max. Loading, kg (diameter 55 Polyamide))3507001050140017502100
Width       A (mm)

B (mm) – sawdust smoke generator

B (mm) – friction smoke generator

Depth       C (mm)

D (mm)





Height      E (mm)

F (mm)

Chamber weight, kg120018002500360047004800
Chamber power with electric heating, kW (without the smoke generator)35,771106,1141,3176,5211,7
Electric power of the chamber with steam heating, kW3,15,98,711,514,317,1
Electric power of the chamber with gas heating, kW3,46,3911,814,617,4
The installed capacity of the smoke generator, kW:











Compressed air pressure, Bar (min)555555
Compressed air consumption, l/h131415161718
Water pressure, Bar (min)222222
Water consumption during cooking, l / h102030405060
Steam pressure, Bar (min)555555
Steam consumption, kg/h60120180240300360
Gas supply, mBar101010101010
Gas consumption, m3 per hour / frame (averaged value)4,67,511,251518,7522,5


Requirements for premises

  • ceiling height – no less than 330 cm
  • slope of the flooring under the base of the heat chamber, not more than 2% (1 cm at 1 meter of the floor)
  • floors are made on the construction job in the workshop of the tray sewerage
  • considered supply and exhaust ventilation of premises, including:
– the performance of the forced ventilation system cameras – 4000 m3 / h
– operating time of the ventilation system camera, the average cycle of the product – 30%
  • the required mounting aperture:
– when the supply of heat cameras in ready implementation – 160 x 280 (h) cm
– when the supply of heat cameras in mounting blocks – 135 x 160 (h) cm

OPTIONAL. External evaporator for cold smoking systems

Due to the powerful external evaporator the opportunity to work with a humidity of 55% inside the smoking chamber and a temperature of up to 16 -18 ° C. Fast and efficient dehumidification and cooling of the products. Own production of evaporators and all nodes – complete quality control.

OPTIONAL. The control panel Mikster 1000

Optional touch panel Mikster Poland in 1000 (pictured below). More convenient, ergonomic and efficient. Which displays all the processes occurring in the chamber + easy visual perception of the process in graphs. + output to a personal computer on every panel.

  • up to 99 programs at any time may enter, change, save
  • up to 99 process steps in each program


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