RZPO offer you different types of food equipment, machines and non-standard equipment for the food processing industry. Such as Frying Machines, Automatic fish sorting machines, UV Sterilizers, Conveyor tables for feeding, processing the product, Accessories and consumables for food equipment.

frying sorting equipment


In these models, in the technological roasting mode, an infrared heater is used.
Using an infrared heater can reduce the rate of oxidation of the oil and increase the period of its use.

Machine frying

These machines are easy to operate. One operator is sufficient for maintenance.
Machines are suitable for use in public catering establishments and in restaurants.

frying equipment

Machines are suitable for use in public catering establishments and in restaurants.
Machines are made of stainless steel and meet high sanitary and hygienic standards.

Fry equipment meat

Thanks to the rotating cylinders and the guide rod, the efficiency of sorting the fish is very high;

sorting machine

Sterilization is provided by UV lamps located at the top and bottom sides of the production line.
UV lamps are easy to use and easy to clean;

U V Sterilizer

Designed for fish processing. Comfortable ergonomic tables;
Can be integrated into various processing lines for fish processing.
Designed for 4-10 employees

Roller conveyor

Principle of operation Frying machines

frying food

The processed raw materials are evenly placed on the main conveyor and pressed in the upper part by a clamping conveyor.

Processed raw materials placed between parallel installed main and clamping conveyors, by simultaneous synchronous movement, are immersed in the oil heated to the required temperature in the frying pan.

The time of the processed raw material in the frying zone is from 1 to 11 minutes, depending on the type of raw material being processed.

After the completion of the technological roasting cycle, the processed raw material is fed to the cooling conveyor.

Features and benefits of this oven:

  • The presence of the main and clamping conveyor in the furnace design allows to exclude the possibility of the material floating on the oil surface, and, as a consequence, to exclude its uncontrolled entry into the oil bath outside the main conveyor.
  • This furnace is equipped with a remote heat exchanger with high efficiency, which allows to significantly reduce the amount of steam necessary for heating and maintaining the required temperature.
  • The presence of electric heaters in the furnace with a three-zone heating system allows to ensure uniform heating of the oil along the entire length of the frying zone.
  • The furnace is equipped with a volume filter and a circulation pump for constant oil filtration during operation.
  • The bathtub of the furnace has a thermal insulation made of mineral wool 100 mm thick to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency.
  • The speed of conveyors is regulated by a frequency converter to improve the quality of roasting when working on different raw materials.
  • The oil level is maintained automatically by level sensors and a boost pump.
  • The absence of a water cushion in this oven to maintain the oil level, significantly increases the safety of the use of this equipment.

Fish sorting machine

The principle of operation of this machine is based on the passage of fish of certain sizes only through the distances between certain shafts. The smaller the size of the fish, the earlier it will fall through the gap between the rotating drums and fall into the appropriate sorting container.

To ensure that the fish does not get stuck between the drums, the table vibrates as well as the flow of water. With this machine you can achieve a fairly accurate sorting of fish. Parameters can vary over wide ranges by changing the distance between adjacent shafts of the device.



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