Compared with foreign similar smoking chambers. Meat Equipment for smoking


Cameras Smoking Chamber Automatic

  • Low chip consumption. Due to the modernized combustion glass. Allows you to completely burn chips. At the outlet after the chamber, a completely burned ash is obtained.
  • 3 types of evaporators to choose from: internal, external with constant air supply and external evaporator in a closed loop with bypass. Standard – internal of stainless pipes. The most effective in our opinion. Allows to maintain low humidity during drying and smoking of meat.
  • Smoking is faster. Brighter staining of products inside the smoking chamber and a more pronounced smoking smell of products after smoking.
  • Stable operation of the smoke generator without ignition. Due to the uniform air draft and the construction of the glass DG.
  • Higher capacity of smoking chambers. There are many factors for this: higher fan efficiency, a modernized air distribution area in the fan area (increased efficiency against any imported camera, our KNOW-HOW), more dense smoke with increased smoking properties, faster depletion, etc.
  • High build quality. + own production of fans. Our fans DO NOT BREAK. And have a high efficiency and performance. Speed ​​on the nozzles – up to 30 m / s.
  • Full process controllability. Fans are controlled by frequency controllers. You can make any speed for different processes. Optimal to choose them.
  • Optimum construction of DW. Eliminated the breakdown of many other manufacturers. For example, the zone of smoke and damper emission is taken as far as possible from the zone of decay. This significantly extends the service life and the operating time for the failure of the dampers and rubber bands.


Detailed information:

Meat Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smoking ASC-1 (Automatic smoking chamber)
cold smoking chamber

Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smoking ASC-1 (Automatic smoking chamber)
hot smoking chamber

Meat Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smoking ASC-1 (Automatic smoking chamber)


premium smoking camera

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