Fish poultry Slicer

Slicer for portioning of fixed weight or specified thickness

The order of operation of the slicer MARELEC PORTIO:

  • The product for cutting is placed on the receiving conveyor.
  • The product entering the machine passes through the scanning chamber and a command to the knife is fed through the computer.
  • The knife, synchronizing with the speed of the conveyor, cuts the product into equal parts by weight or thickness.


    Automatic slicer MARELEC PORTIO 1 F is designed for cutting into equal in weight (portioning) or serving a portion of fish fillets, whole fish, meat and poultry (without bone).


Features of the model MARELEC PORTIO:

  • Calibration with pre-programming allows you to switch the product processing settings in seconds.
    Special programs provide high flexibility of the parting solutions, always taking the right decision before cutting.
  • The portioning machine can be adjusted using the control panel with a color screen at any time during the cutting process, which improves the results.
  • The modular ribbon combines an ideal synchronization with an unmatched lifetime. Automatic tape stretch compensation guarantees accuracy over long years when working with the same tape.
  • The latest laser display technology with a 400 Hz camera provides an incomparable quality.
  • A laser chamber for flat products such as fillets is designed and manufactured in accordance with the most stringent hygiene standards.
  • The CIP system (cleaning on site) ensures a quick cleaning of the belts and guide knives.


Technical characteristics MARELEC PORTIO:

  • Cutting a fixed weight, a fixed thickness or a combination of variable weight and thickness.
  • Maximum product sizes: up to 950 mm (depending on cutting program) x 240 mm x 120 mm (LWH)
  • Cutting speed: up to 17 cuts / second. Depending on the type of knife and product
  • Accuracy (fish and poultry): 1.5 grams standard batching error <150 g 1.5% of serving weight per serving> 150
  • Belt width: 254 mm
  • Belt speed: adjustable: from 40 to 450 mm per second
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Cleaning with a local tape and knife system, with manual control
  • International menu

Video of the Slicer MARELEC PORTIO. Sliced salmon fillet for portioned pieces:

Video of the Slicer MARELEC PORTIO. Cut a whole salmon into steaks of a given weight.:

Video of the Fish & meat Slicer. The portioning line based on the injector and slicer Portio 1:

Video of the Fish & meat Slicer. Portion cutting of white fish with a slicer Portio 1:

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