Frying Machine

Deep fryer equipment (large size).

  • In these models, in the technological roasting mode, an infrared heater is used.
  • Using an infrared heater can reduce the rate of oxidation of the oil and increase the period of its use.
  • These machines are easy to operate. One operator is sufficient for maintenance.
  • Machine fryingMachines are suitable for use in public catering establishments and in restaurants.
  • The machines are made of stainless steel and meet high sanitary and hygienic standards.

Deep fry machine

Characteristics of Frying Machine AFM-3200, AFM-2000

Power characteristicsDimensions: length x width x height, mm; (Weight, kg)

Productivity, kg / hr

Processing object (type)

3Px 380Vx 56KW
3200X800X1100 (405 kg)
Pork, fish cutlets, dumplings, chicken, potatoes, etc.

3Px 380Cx 29KW

2000X800X1100 (180 kg)


Pork cutlet, fish cutlets, dumplings, chicken, potatoes, etc.

  • Using an infrared heater allows direct product roasting at a relatively low temperature (the same principle as a microwave oven).
  • There is no danger of food poisoning, because the infrared heater heats the products from the surface to the guts simultaneously and fries it completely.
  • Using an infrared heater with a low roasting temperature allows to reduce the oxidation rate of the oil for frying and increase the period of its use. In addition, production conditions are improved by reducing the amount of waste gas.
  • The machine has a device that automatically unloads dough and flour, which are separated during cooking.
  • Very easy cleaning of the machine. The waste oil for frying is discharged through the bottom of the container, while it is possible to raise the conveyor with the heater.
  • One person is sufficient to service this machine.
  • The operator can consecutively prepare a relatively large number of products, providing a good taste of fried food, so the machine is suitable for use in public catering establishments.

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