Ice Generators

Ice maker equipment of granulated ice Scotsmann (Italy).

The ice machines of the AF and MF series of the firm “Scotsmann” (Italy) are designed for the production of granulated ice. Ice machines of the AF series have a built-in ice storage bin.

  • They produce high-quality granular ice (ice slush type) with the size of pieces of 5 … 10 mm and a temperature from 00C to minus 0.5oC. Water fraction – up to 20%.
  • Water for making ice is fed into the freezing cylinder, the surface of which is cooled by a coolant. Ready ice in the form of granules is squeezed out of the cylinder by a spiral screw and transported to the outlet.
  • Ice machineLining of machines from stainless steel.
  • Each machine is equipped with a microprocessor that controls the process of producing ice. If a malfunction occurs, the equipment is turned off and a warning appears on the control panel. The refrigerant used is R 134 a. Ice machines are supplied with both air and water cooling.

 Ice makers granulated ice

Characteristics of Ice making machines Scotsmann

ModelAF 80 AS
Ice-making machines for granulated ice, Ice machines
AF 100 AS
Ice-making machines
AF 200 AS
machines for granulated ice, Ice machines
Productivity, kg / day7085120
Bunker capacity, kg253232
Installed power, kW0,330,40,52
Electricity consumption, kWh / day7,59,012,0
Cooling systemairairair
Water consumption, l / h2,22,75,0
Overall dimensions, mm626х535х813…943613х584х1006…1136613х584х1006…1136
Weight, kg516565

МодельMF 26 AS

granulated ice, Ice machines

MF 36 AS

Ice machines

MF 46 AS

Ice machines Scotsmann, Ice makers of granulated ice

MF 56 AS

Ice machines Scotsmann

MF 66 AS

Ice makers of granulated ice

MF 86 AS

Buy Ice machines, Ice makers, Ice makers price

Productivity, kg / day12020032060011502300
Installed power, kW0,50,761,22,03,97,3
Electricity consumption, kWh / day1217264588170
Cooling systemairairairairairair
Overall dimensions, mm560х533
Weight, kg4949728888407
Recommended binsВ 190
В 390
В 190
В 390
RВ 400
В 550
В 1025
RВ 400
В 550
В 1025
В 1350
В 1350
В 2250
В 3200
В 3200

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