To procude meat delicacies, evenly salted and soaked in spices, allow injectors for meat. There are a lot of variations of these devices today, so it is almost impossible to single out any model as the most suitable one. First of all, it should be taken into account, at the production of what capacity the unit will be used. In addition, the leading role is played by the pressure under which the brine is introduced.

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Multi-needle injection of muscle tissue ensures a uniform distribution of salting agents in the raw material, increases the amount of brine introduced. The pressure of the injectors should not exceed 1 — 2 bar.

Meat Injector ANS

Injector: a device for intramuscular injection of brine, which cures the meat on the bone. The AN injector is designed for the injection of meat into the bone and without it. Due to the small size AN machine, the nozzles are designed for small and medium enterprises.

Meat Injector

The AN 80 and 110 injectors are machines for injecting brine into the meat through a needle. It can be used for injections of various types of meat: poultry, pork and veal, with and without bones.

Commercial injector

The AN 1 injector is a device for injection through needle-shaped brine in the meat. It is used in small meat companies, laboratories and catering establishments.

Hand injector AN

Is intended for laboratories and gastronomy
Small dimensions allow for installation on a table

Meat Massager

Service with Mitsubishi processor with touch screen LDC
stainless steel equipment

Vacuum tumblers

The machine is designed for longitudinal cutting of frozen fish.
As a result of cutting, two pieces of fish are formed, equal in size and weight.

Vacuum Meat Mixer

the mixer is completely made of stainless steel
equipped with removable interlacing blades (choice)

Vacuum Meat Mixer


Injectors salting machines

Injectors – equipment for ingection of poultry meat and fish with brine.

Injectors (salting machines) are intended for pork, beef, mutton, poultry meat, fish and other meat brine, are widely used by food and meat processing enterprises for the production of meat delicacies and high-quality meat products. The injector can be used for meat without bonnets, and for whole meat pieces on bone or with bone contents.

Vacuum meat massagers

The meat massagers are designed for massaging pork, beef, poultry meat, fish and other meat products in a vacuum in the process of salting, are widely used by meat-processing enterprises in the production of meat delicacies. Massage is carried out by uniform mixing of meat inside a rotating drum, meat fibers are well saturated with brine and spices, while the structure of tissues and protein compounds is not disturbed.

How to choose a salting injector for meat

What else is important to remember when choosing a device that accelerates the ambassador of meat? A reliable manual salting injector, like its automated collec- tor, can not only shorten the time needed to produce the product, but also make the finished product more balanced in structure, which is also very important.
To date, a very important role is played by the pressure factor. So, the salting injector, capable of injecting a sufficiently high pressure during the injection process, allows the introduction of more brine, but at the same time reducing the time required for further massaging the product. In this case, the brine is distributed in the muscle fibers deep enough and evenly. Further drainage of the brine is also not required if a high-pressure device is used.
Another advantage – the finished product will not require the introduction of special additives that help to retain moisture inside. In addition, when using such units, the dosage of the brine is observed as accurately as possible.
You can select the most durable, accurate and high-quality models of injectors in the RZPO. We will offer you a huge selection of devices that accelerate the ambassador of meat products and allow it to be carried out evenly. In addition, we can pick up different models of sausage syringes, necessary for the preparation of sausages and sausages.



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