Forms and press towers.

Press towers to give a certain shape and cross-section of ham products. The modular, carefully designed design allows the loading and processing of meat products with a total mass of up to 600 kg. The use of different types of forms in one installation allows to obtain a diverse assortment of finished products.

Press Tower K 1Press Tower K 3
Press Tower K 4Press Tower K 5
Press Tower K 6Press Tower K 7
Press Tower K 8Press Tower K 9
Press Tower K 10Press Tower K 11
Press Tower K 12Press Tower K 13 и К 14
Press Tower K 15Press Tower K 16
Press Tower K 18Press Tower K 19 и К 20
Press Tower K 21Press Tower K 22
Press Tower K 23Press Tower K 24
Press Tower K 25Press Tower K 26 и К 27
Press Tower K 29Press Tower K 30
Press Tower K 31

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Forms and press towers for ham products