We often hear the words from customers: excellent, cool, great, good, normal. But the chief engineer of this fish processing plant in the Moscow region said just such a phrase:

The fish yield on your skinning machine is simply amazing !!!

Today we drove by with a new engineer and stopped by to get to know and show the newcomer the settings of the automatic skinning machine SMF 770. The main fish species for skinning: cod, pollock, haddock, sea bass and many others. The machine is in operation for 1 year. For all the time, only 1 knife was changed. Skinning works at least 9 hours a day.
And the phrase a terrific exit refers to all the equipment we supply: smokers, Drying equipment, defrosters, filleting equipment, injectors, Grinding and Skinning Equipment, slicers and much more.
Contact your staff to exclaim this when we come to visit.