Machines for CUTTING and SLICERS

During the cutting of fish, it removes separate parts, as well as organs that can not be eaten, such as heads, entrails and fins. To perform all operations associated with this procedure, use equipment for cutting fish. Cutting occurs after washing, except for sprats, which are cut only after smoking. The variety of shapes and sizes of fish has led to the creation of a variety of equipment for cutting fish.

slicers band saws


The product for cutting is placed on the receiving conveyor.
The product entering the machine passes through the scanning

poultry Slicer

Designed for cutting strip fillets of herring and delicatessen fish, the size can be adjusted (by changing the distance between the ring knives). It can be used in-line with an Automatic Feed Machine.

Preserve Production Line

The machine is designed for cutting frozen fillet blocks into equal portions.

Industrial band saw

The machine has a high level of productivity, because cutting process is carried out by chopping.

Machine cutting small blocks

The machine is designed for cutting frozen fish, fish blocks or frozen meat into pieces of the required size.

cutting frozen fish

The machine is designed for longitudinal cutting of frozen fish.
As a result of cutting, two pieces of fish are formed, equal in size and weight.

longitudinal cutting frozen fish

Multi-purpose, is used on the principle of a «large cutting» for frozen fish.

Forming machine CHFM

The material for the production of products uses exclusively high-quality, without chemicals and other harmful substances.

Fish containers

The fish is cut into pieces very accurately, because during cutting it is fixed in the groove.

Machine for cutting

The machine makes a cutting with the separation of the head and its removal along a groove, separately from the finished product.

Machine cutting whole fish

The minimum thickness of the cut piece is 2.5 mm. The cutting angle can be set within 22-27 degrees.

Multi Knife Slicer small size

Thanks to the design of the machine, the product is cut without damage and bends, and the slicer remains clean.

Multi Knife Slicer large size

During processing, the product is fixed in the area of the cutting knives, after which it is cut.

Slicer seaweed

This electric slicer is specially designed for various food industries for cutting large volumes of products from 1000kg to 1500kg.

Slicer slicing

Large automatic slicer Designed for slicing processed foods such as large herring, boiled meat, smoked meat, smoked duck meat and so on.

Large automatic slicer

Automatic medium sized slicer designed for medium sized fish. Designed for oblique cutting.

Slicer fish

Slicers are designed for thin cutting of various types of fish. Slicers for slicing are used in hot, cold, meat, fish shops of professional cuisine.

Electric slicer for fish

What equipment is used for cutting fish?


Most often, these devices are built in the line, because before cutting, the fish must go through sorting by size, and then orienting in the right position and only then get inside the cutting mechanism.

The work of the cutting machines depends on the consistency of the body of the fish itself, which can be:

  • Fresh;
  • recently caught;
  • defrostered;
  • stored in ice.

Equipment for cutting fish

Depending on the condition, the elasticity of the fish tissues can vary greatly, so the cutting requires different forces and cutting speeds. Also, the tools should be sharpened accordingly.

Because of the complexity of creating multioperational equipment, single-device devices that perform only one job are often used – they cut off the head or cut fins. Such devices are characterized by simple construction and reliability. In addition, they can be used in processing raw materials of different sizes and shapes.

Where to buy fish cutting equipment?

The RZPO collected the best offers from leading suppliers of equipment for fish processing enterprises. Having studied the interactive catalog on the site, you can find machines for cutting fish with different capacities, performance and other characteristics.



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