Commercial meat injector.

Multi-needle injection of muscle tissue ensures a uniform distribution of salting agents in the raw material, increases the amount of brine introduced. The pressure of the injectors should not exceed 1 – 2 bar. A higher pressure of the syringe leads to the rupture of the muscle tissue and the formation of holes in the puncture site, which leads to an uneven distribution of the brine, to a deterioration in color, consistency and taste of the finished product.

The output of the finished product depends on the amount of brine introduced into the product. The more brine, the greater the yield. Injectors are high-performance injectors who have high performance and quality:

  • Made of stainless acid resistant steel, including pumps.
  • All models are equipped with a smooth brine pressure control.
  • Have excellent quality of execution of a design and received production.
  • Low cost against the background of similar imported cars.
  • They meet all safety standards and sanitary and hygienic working conditions at food industry enterprises.

The company produces injectors from 1 to 440 needles. Injectors guarantee the absolute percentage accuracy of the product without regard to meat temperature, consistency and the presence of bones. Each individual needle (group of needles: two or four) is under individual control of the control system. This page presents models for injecting meat products and poultry. Injectors MI for fish are available here.

Characteristics of Meat Injector

  • removable needles
  • one block with sockets for needles in three rows
  • adjustable pressure up to 5 bar
  • polypropylene conveyor
  • smooth adjustment of conveyor belt movement within 0-90mm
  • 2 speeds of movement of needles 36 and 60 cycles per minute
  • possibility of using a frequency converter
  • internal filter

Commercial meat injectorprofessional meat injector

stainless steel meat injector

Characteristics of Meat Injector MI.

Number of needlespcs25/50/10031/62/124
Needles in all nests pcs2531
Effectiveness kgAbout 2000-2300 About 2500-3500
Number of tacts tact/min 0-60 0-60
Conveyor belt width mm290 350
Conveyor belt jump (programmed) mm 0-2000-200
Max. needle lift height mm220220
Brine pressure bar 0-4 0-4
Effectiveness of pump l/min0-60 0-80
Dimensions (L x B x H ) mm1200 x 500 x 19001500 x 550 x 1900
Power kW4,04,0
Voltage V/Hz 3×400/50 3×400/50
Weight kg290350
Brine container l150 150

Needles: single, double, quarter.
Option: -guides for chicken

pressure adjustment internal filters location of the needles

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