Scaling Machine

Multifunctional scale removal machine

  • The machine is designed to remove scales from various types of fish.
  • Scales are removed using water jets and moving nozzles.
  • All the parameters in the machine are regulated: conveyor speed, water pressure in the nozzle, speed of the nozzles.
  • The equipment is mobile. This allows it to be easily integrated into various production lines.
  • It is possible to adjust for any type of product.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel and meets the highest sanitary and hygienic standards.

Automatic scaling machine designed to remove scales from fish of different breeds. Removal of scales occurs by directing the jet of water under pressure onto scales of fish until it is completely cleared from the body of the fish. Water jets fall on the fish simultaneously from all sides. The operator’s job is to lay the fish on a conveyor whose speed is regulated depending on the fish being processed. The pressure of the water jet, if necessary, is regulated according to the fish being processed.

Removal of scales occurs by the action of high water pressure, through four rotating water-supplying disassembled nozzles installed in the vertical and horizontal planes. Scaling with rotating nozzles is very effective.

Simple control over water pressure, adjustable conveyor speed, transverse motion of the nozzles, will provide the ideal results of cleaning fish from scales.

Water: 15 l / min, internal pipe size 20

scale removal machine

Characteristics of Universal Scaling Machine USM-500

Power characteristicsDimensions: length x width x height, mm; (Weight, kg)Performance,pcs / min.Processed species


1500x900x1500; (380 kg)

40~ 80

Flounder, anchovies, pink salmon, trout, salmon, carp, carp and any other species of fish.

Video of the Universal Scaling Machine:

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