The main feature of the machines of this series is the possibility of adjusting any injection parameter.

At the end of 2010, the injector was updated for the salting of fish fillets. Based on our accumulated experience and thanks to our valued customers of these machines, we have made more than 20 changes to the design, aimed at increasing the yield of finished products, significantly increasing the productivity and reliability of equipment and improving hygiene of production. Parameters and changes are detailed in a separate article with a large number of photographic materials.

injector fish fillets

Are intended for salting and introduction of solutions of various preparations in a fillet of any kinds of fishes.

It is currently one of the most modern and functionally equipped machines for fillet fillet. Using IR-20 / 80-2 you get the ability to adjust the amount of injected solution in the muscle tissue of fish: from the minimum to the maximum possible for each type of fish.

  • The circulation system with double filtration of the working fluid – to protect the needles from clogging,
  • The system of blowing the needles with compressed air without removing the needles – to protect the needles from clogging,
  • A convenient system of fast (no more than a minute) installation and dismantling of needles,
  • Adjustable conveyor step from 5mm! to increase the maximum yield of the finished semi-finished product by increasing the number of punctures,
  • No guide needle guides. This significantly reduced the load on the equipment rails,
  • The pneumatic valve, which disconnects the supply of working fluid for its economical use and minimal contamination,
  • Robust construction in stainless steel,
  • Centrifugal pump in stainless steel with high capacity, which allowed to stabilize the pressure during a long injection – the pressure does not fall!
  • Smooth electronic adjustment of the number of measures from 5 to 120! cycles per minute.
  • Double, in comparison with standard machines, performance, due to lower idling of the frame.
  • Double reliability of the movement mechanism of the frame due to less idling.
  • Smooth electronic pressure adjustment from 0.3 to 2.8atm.
  • Easy washing and cleaning equipment.
  • Highest hygiene.


CharacteristicsUnit. measurementsIR-20/80IR-20/80-2
Number of needles[pcs]8080
Diameter of needles[mm]1,6 or 2,21,6, 2,2 or 2,5
Average productivity[kg / h]400до 800
Transport of the conveyor[mm]10-505-50
Qty. strokes of the frame operation[tact / min]36/6010-120
Height of raising needles[mm]180110
Conveyor width[mm]280280
Dimensions A[mm]11501150
Capacity of the brine tank[l]150150
Main engine power[kW]1,251,5
Engine power of the pump[kW]0,751,5

machine for salting
fish Injectorsalting machinesfish fillets

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