1.1 Filleting Machine NF

Machine for cutting herring fillets in automatic mode

Designed for cutting strip fillets of herring and delicatessen fish, the size can be adjusted (by changing the distance between the ring knives). It can be used in-line with an Automatic Feed Machine.

At the request of the Buyer, the machine can be additionally equipped with a Frequency Converter allowing in wide range to adjust the ring knives rotation speed, a conveyor belt velocity, and allows you to use the machine for cutting fish and meat fillet with a temperature up to -3°C.


Operation Procedure: The raw is placed on the conveyor belt and fed to the cutting mechanism. The feed spring pulley is regulated depending on the average raw thickness. The feed pulley aligns the raw material and transmits it to the ring knives slicing the raw into strips.

View the Equipment Operation Video

To change the cutting width, replace the calibration hubs between the knives, as well as a clamping comb*. That takes 30 minutes. Or purchase an optional cutting roller + comb with the appropriate cutting step. The cutting roller replacement takes 5 minutes. The hubs and combs for a width of 10, 15 and 30 mm are included.


Performance, not less kg/h300
Belt Width, mm300
Raw Max. Size

(length / width / height), mm

220 х 70 х 20
Fillet Width*, mm8, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24
Electricity  Capacity, V/Hz380/50 3P
Power, kW1.5
Dimensions (length / width / height), mm1,600 х 660 х 1,100*
Weight, kg150

* Note: The length and width of the feed conveyor belt, the sizes of the raw materials can be reviewed and agreed with the Buyer at the stage of the Business Proposal.

2.1 Preserve Production Line

The compact Preserve Production Line (LPP50) provides automatic liquid dispensing and capping with a complete displacement of air from under the cap. A Weigher allows you to control the weight of the finished product, not liquid. The dispensing error does not exceed ± 3 grams, which meets the requirements of GOST and TU of the Russian Federation.

The jars are transported by a pneumatic actuator. Using manual capping, you can can apply not only round drums, but jars of a complex shape (oval, truncated oval, etc.)

The use of a fundamentally new capping mechanism leaves the jar perfectly clean, which allows you to stick the label on the jar immediately at the preserve output.

LPP50 housing and liquid tank are made from the stainless steel 12X18H10T. We use pneumatic and electrical components produced by well-known European manufacturers, which ensure reliable and trouble-free line operation for many years.

Production Line Operation Video


Dimensions1,200 * 600 * 1,400 mm
Vacuum Chamber Size250 x 160
Weight90 kg
Voltage380 V
Power1 kW
Pneumatic System Pressure6 Bar
Jar Lengthup to 250 mm
Jar Widthup to 150 mm
Jar Heightup to 50 mm
Performanceup to 500 jars per hour

Economic Efficiency:

LPP50 allows you to employ not qualified personnel to work with dispensing and capping machines. Training will take a few minutes. The human factor will no longer affect the underweight, overweight, and capping with the remains of the air. This saves up to 3300 USD $ per year for staff salary. *

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