Cooking Boilers

Boilers for meat industry.

Boiler cooking is designed for cooking sausages, meat products, offals, hams, liver, meat and bone broths.

The professional boilers manufactured  are multifunctional equipment for the thermal treatment of food products and much more. They are used mainly in meat processing plants to cook food and boiled meat, as well as to melt fats. The multifunctionality of our boilers is the result of a wide range of options and configurations that you can choose from. We are obliged in this way, in the first place, our extensive experience, accumulated by us throughout all these years, as well as the knowledge of our qualified personnel.

Construction: the entire boiler is made of acid resistant steel with a silicone seal. Regardless of the version, direct heating is used, that is, in the oil layer, which guarantees the uniformity of the heating and prevents the burning of the product. The lid and the container are thermally insulated. Each device is equipped with a microprocessor controller that allows you to control the set temperature, the waiting time, the operating time and the central temperature, whenever the process requires it. The kettle and lid are thermally insulated.

Feature of Cooking Boilers

The boiling boiler is designed for fast, gentle and efficient cooking of boiled sausages, sausages, wieners and other products requiring heat treatment in a high humidity environment at temperatures up to 1100C. The use of cooking chambers allows to unload more expensive smoking and cooking equipment, to optimize the process of production of cooked products. Due to the compactness of the cooking chambers, it is possible to save the areas of the thermal separation.

Boilers for meat industry

Advantages of Cooking chambers

Cooking chambers are equipped with a special humidification system, which allows creating in the shortest possible time a high relative humidity in the chamber, thanks to special fine-dispersion spray nozzles. A very small droplet size allows moisture to saturate the air to a maximum state before the air enters the heating elements, which, in combination with the high air flow created by a powerful circulation system based on high-performance fans, minimizes moisture condensation on the chamber walls and a non-hot tap water from the camera, which leads to significant energy savings. And the most efficiently communicates the heat to the product.

Microprocessor controller

All cameras use microprocessor controlled processes on the basis of German russified controller Aditec MIC 2410 makes the cooking process fully controllable. If desired, the cameras can be equipped with other models of controllers of this company. All parameters can be written to the technologist’s computer or operators. Can be connected to a common computer network.

The cooking chambers can be combined with intensive cooling chambers (KIO) for efficient and optimal operation of the whole production. Such a system makes it possible to automate the process of heat treatment of boiled sausages, allowing the cooling process to start as quickly as possible. At the same time, the heat accumulated by the cooking chamber remains in the cooking chamber, allowing additional energy savings. Special automation moves the carts with the product after heat treatment into the cooling chamber. The cooking and smoking-cooking section will be ready for a new cycle of heat treatment. The cameras are separated by automatic doors and a reliable moving system.

1, 2, 3, 4-frame versions

Cooking chambers are standardly manufactured in 1, 2, 3, 4-frame versions with arbitrary placement of doors, depending on the needs of the client without affecting the bid price. Available for ordering cameras with a through construction, allowing to divide the zones of semi-finished products and finished products, corresponding to the highest requirements of hygiene production and microbiological safety. The technical capabilities of the Yugemy plant make it possible to implement the most complex technical tasks in metal and meet the highest requirements for production equipment. Automated production of the full cycle of the company is able to manufacture equipment in the shortest possible time (from the 1st week), to equip the camera with additional equipment according to your desire and the necessary appearance for harmonious and ergonomic placement in your production facility.

Alternative to electricity types of energy carriers make it possible to make the brewing process much more economical. Available for order cameras that have special heating systems, in which natural gas, liquefied gas, high-pressure steam, low-pressure steam, diesel fuel act as energy carriers.

Brief technical characteristics of the cooking chamber:

Type of chamberChamber size AхBхC,mVoltage, VPower consumption, kW / hShower water consumption, l / minWater flow, l / min
1-frame1,54х1,5х2,95380363to 20
2-frame1,54х2,6х2,95380725to 35
3-frame1,54х3,7х2,953801088to 50
4-frame1,54х4,8х2,9538014410to 70

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