Welcome to RZPO, we have over 20 years of experience of manufacturing equipment for: food, meat, fish and vegetable processing.
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Our Vision

Russian Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer – the company with a constant expansion of geographical presence, also in China. Our company is a reliable partner for cooperation and a preferred employer for all who share our values. A strong team of professionals strives to be a leader in a world in constant change.

We import Processing Equipment to China

International supplier of food, meat, fish, poultry processing equipment Since 2014 RZPO has designed tools and machinery for the fish industry and gained an international reputation for innovative products and outstanding quality.
Traditional products include skinning machines, fish processing machine, fillet machine, cleaning machine, fish cutting machine, fishing machine, seafood processing equipment. Several add-on features include slicing and more recently, pre-rigor pin boning. RZPO is also currently developing machinery for the poultry market and export/import to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities.

Why Choose Us?

High level
of service

The best Quality-Price Ratio offers

Warranty on equipment is 24 months

Quality – FIRST!

Russian Food Processing Equipment Manufacture "RZPO" produces high-quality technological equipment for meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, poultry meat handling, as well as associated machinery and a vast selection of components. Thanks to our own production, the right selection of personnel, processing of metal for our equipment and competent marketing policy, we achieved the best price-quality ratio for all of our products.

We offer you cooperation with the company “RZPO”, dynamically developing company in the market of equipment for meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, poultry processing.

Equipment Suppliers to Beijing

The company RZPO specializes in the supply of equipment to meet the needs of the food, meat, fish, poultry processing complex and the food industry (sanitary inspection rooms, saws, hung up, syringes, shparchany).

China food industry
meat processors
Offering customers equipment from leading European manufacturers, as well as manufacturing their own products (tables, carts, lifts, hung up for carcasses), RZPO LLC provides the optimal ratio of price and quality of the goods presented. We also sell equipment after a major overhaul.
China food production
smoking chambers
The company’s specialists not only offer a wide range of equipment and consumables (for example, waterproof clothing for various industries related to high humidity, such as aprons, sleeves, gloves, suits, overalls, pants, raincoats, jackets of various colors and models), but also perform additional work on contract supervision, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service.
China exports imports
manufacturing equipment
We provide our customers with comprehensive services for the technological support of the enterprise, helping to minimize customer expenses. All offered products meet quality standards. If you did not find the equipment you need in the catalog, contact us using the contacts listed on the site, and the managers will help you choose the right machine for washing boxes or other products.

About Us

Russian Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer (RZPO) is located in Moscow region. Under our brand we manufacture a wide range of process equipment on 2 production sites (in Obninsk city and Podolsk city, Moscow region): Smoking, defrost climate and thermal cameras, solekontsentratory, injectors, hygiene stations, shrink tanks, and more. Wide range of non-standard equipment for food production. The quality of manufactured equipment at the level of the world’s leading brands.

MEAT equipment Suppliers to China

Meat heat treatment equipmentPrimary treatment equipmentMeat injectors, massagers and mixersMachines for cleaning and washing of packaging and containers

Ice GeneratorsMeat Grinding and Skinning EquipmentShrink Packaging MachinePress towers, mold presses, mesh fishnet for ham products

Support equipment

FISH equipment Suppliers

Defroster, Defrosting equipmentinjection and salting equipmentSquid Machinesslicers band saws

Heat Chambers, Equipment for fish heat treatmentFilleting cutting machinesFilleting cutting machinesfish storage

FOOD equipment Suppliers

Machines for frying, sorting and food processing
Mixing machine
Conveyor lines for fish meat processing

Automatic Smoking Chambers for COLD and HOT smoking
Equipment for stitching small fish
Mixers, Washers, Dryers

In the segment of the Food, Fish, Meat Procesing Equipment, we offer you the best quality machines.
Our equipment has excellent technological performance and high technical reliability.
We offer the following fish processing lines and machines for the international market:

Meat equipment in Beijing:

The RZPO catalog offers for sale all major types of professional meat processing equipment on all territory of China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai.

Slicers and meat saws are designed for cutting carcasses into small pieces that are convenient for further processing.
Meat rippers are units used in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou shops and restaurants / cafes to give a loose, soft consistency to pieces of meat or fish.
Meat grinders, meat cutters are used to make minced meat of different degrees of homogenization.
Massagers and meat mixers – installation for mixing all the ingredients of the stuffing in a homogeneous mass.
Sausage syringes – units designed to fill sausage casings with minced meat.

In addition, a wide selection of thermal equipment allows you to organize a full production cycle of sausages and ready-made culinary products.

How to choose meat equipment in Shanghai?

The main criteria for the selection of equipment for a butcher shop in Shanghai, sausage enterprise in Beijing or shop for the manufacture in Guangzhou of semi-finished products are:
operations stipulated by the meat processing technology;
prices for different types of units.
In any case, the production line includes slicers and / or saws for meat, meat grinders, meat mixers and sausage stuffers of the required productivity. The difference in price between models of the same type is determined not only by power, but also by the level of automation, the quality of manufacturing components and a number of other factors.

Sales of meat equipment in Guangzhou

Many entrepreneurs in Guangzhou (China) who have chosen the meat trade or restaurant business for their activities choose RZPO as their main supplier of equipment. Do you want to equip a meat workshop in Shanghai or shop in Guangzhou, to provide a wide range of frozen or chilled products? In the catalog, you can choose and buy meat equipment for any enterprise. The undoubted advantages of the company rightfully include:
  • many years of experience in sales of professional meat processing units;
  • convenient integrated solutions for any areas of the meat business;
  • after sales service as an attractive option;
  • efficiency of delivery, professional advice, the possibility of commissioning and staff training.
Over the years of its activity, RZPO has proved that it is a reliable partner that import processing equipment in China and deservedly enjoys the confidence of more than a thousand public catering and food production enterprises.s html


In China, the scale is felt in everything: the Great Wall of China and the terracotta army with 8,000 soldiers, a tea ceremony for half an hour, hundreds of Chinese dishes and four whole special areas: Guangzhou, Tibet, Macao and Taiwan.
It’s best to start exploring China from the capital, Beijing. It is one of the most ancient cities in the world, more than 3,000 years old.

In China, you can find entire neighborhoods, copied from European cities. For example, not far from Shanghai there are “mini-versions” of Venice (Shanghai) and Barcelona. "German town" Qingdao is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

Shanghai is a huge modern metropolis with all the pleasures of big cities and the best shopping in the country.
Guangzhou is the third city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. It is also called the “city of flowers” ​​- due to its southern nature and warm climate, a lot of things bloom here, especially in spring.
Chengdu is unfairly unpopular among tourists, and in fact it is here that Chinese exoticism remains intact. In Chengdu, there are open-air teahouses with masseurs and professional ear cleaners, as well as special Chinese cuisine.
Harbin was once founded by the Russians, so its old architecture is very similar to the one that is typical rather for Siberia than for China. It is cold here, the main event for which it is worth to go here is the Ice Holiday.
One of the largest of these regions - Guangzhou - "Asian New York." It is a multi-million international city where skyscrapers and small fishing villages adjoin. Guangzhou is the record holder of China in the number of high-rise buildings, and it continues to grow upwards (by the way, the city is built entirely according to Feng Shui). This is an ideal city for parties and shopping, there really is absolutely everything, however, the prices are the highest in the country.

The island of Taiwan is one of the famous Chinese beach resorts. People come here to relax by the ocean and hot springs, go surfing and diving, raft along the rivers and enjoy nature in national reserves.

Lake Yamdrok Ttsho in Tibet is known for constantly changing shades of water.

Tibet is known far beyond China as the world capital of Buddhism. These are very beautiful mountain landscapes, which in themselves have to appeasement, and on the top of Mount Kailas (6,714 m), according to legend, one of the incarnations of the Buddha lives. True or not, it is not known, because no one has got there yet. They started letting tourists to Tibet only 30 years ago, and still you need to get special permission from the Chinese authorities for traveling. Getting to the habitats of pilgrims is altogether almost impossible. But even in that part of the massif, where tourists can enter, there is such a powerful energy that one readily believes in any mysticism.

The main attraction of Shanghai is a casino and other gambling establishments. This city is called the Chinese Las Vegas, thousands of people come here to squander their hard-earned money. In the 16th century, Shanghai was formed as a Portuguese commercial settlement, and to this day the basis of the local population is made up of "Macanese" - people of Portuguese-Chinese origin. The mixture is truly explosive, a town with such a heritage by default can not be boring.

The range of equipment of the company is presented for:

• grinding and cooking the stuffing: tops for fresh meat, grinders for frozen meat, top combined, mixers, vacuum, mixers do not vacuum, mixers single blade, mixers two-bladed, cutters, vacuum, Cutters no vacuum, slicers, grinders of meat grinders bacon, shredders vegetables, soft food shredders, bacon slicers, drum-type block cutters, guillotines;
• filling and molding: vacuum syringes, piston syringes, sausage bandages;
• heat treatments: universal heat chambers, ripening chambers, smoking chambers, cooking chambers, intensive cooling chambers;
• production of delicacies and hams: vacuum massagers, non-vacuum massagers, massagers with cooling, massagers without cooling, brine mixers, injectors;
• cutting meat and slaughter: skin machines (skins), vacuum systems for spinal cord suction, hydraulic scissors for separating the hooves, hydraulic scissors for separating horns, hydraulic scissors for separating heads, hydraulic scissors for separating the cervical vertebra, circular saws for cutting carcasses, band saws for butchering, step saws for butchering, pistols for stunning livestock, electric trimmers, pneumatic trimmers, tongs for stunning livestock;
• auxiliary equipment: hydraulic loading devices, mast lifts, smoking frames, handling trolleys for minced meat, trolleys for boxes, poles for smoking frames;
• equipment for hygiene: sanitary inspection rooms (hygiene stations), sterilizers for knives, sterilizers for saws and axes, industrial washstands, dryers for shoes, shoe washing, washing aprons, washing frames for smoking sticks, washing machines for boxes, washing machines pallet, car washing machines;
• spare parts and consumables: twine loops, continuous clips, U-shaped clips
We carry out the selection, delivery, testing and installation of industrial meat grinders (tops), meat mixers, heat chambers, grinders, slicers, meat massagers, vacuum syringes and other equipment. Our services include the supply of meat processing equipment from Europe, commissioning and maintenance.

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